[Tweeters] Canada National Bird "Debate"?

Tina Klein-Lebbink t.kleinlebbink at comcast.net
Tue Dec 13 14:02:51 PST 2016

When I grew up it called the Canada Jay or whisky Jack or camp robber etc. But as it is not present in southern Canada where a majority of us live, most people don't know it as they haven't seen it. I agree with it being our national bird as more people will get to know this charming and ubiquitous species. Although I do think it should be spelled "grey"

Tina Klein-Lebbink

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> I'm sure many of you have seen this.

> http://nyti.ms/2gNTcWm

> I'm curious about the claim that the bird is unfamiliar to folks in the Southern part of Canada.

> Is this not the same bird I see at almost every campsite in the PNW? The lift operators at Stevens Pass feed them by hand at the top Double Cross(?)

> I forgot about the Whiskey Jack name, seems much more appropriate.

> Cheers.

> Jack Nolan

> Shoreline, WA.

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