[Tweeters] Wylie Slough waxwings

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Sun Dec 11 12:50:38 PST 2016

I got up early and was on the Bohemian waxwings by 9 am. The first group of 15 was in low hawthornes along the dike, making for nice pictures along with purple finch and red-winged blackbird. At the alder tree where they were originally reported a group of 60 briefly showed up. Lots of hunters, including raptors.

Two notes: some people were mistaking the few cedar waxwings at the parking lot, with robins and purple finches, as Bohemians

The dike trail you want is the main one that starts out graveled on the east side of the slough. At the first dike junction at the end of the main slough, you want to bear left as the original instructions said, not go straight as some had done, which takes you out in the fields and down to the water. After you go left and round the first bend across from a blind is where the first group was in the hawthornes, and if you continue you will come to the bench on your right which is across from the large alder where they have been consistently seen. But they fly fast and far.....

Mark Tomboulian
tomboulian at comcast.net

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