[Tweeters] Rustic Bunting in Neah Bay Saturday yes!

Chris christopherwarlow at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 10 22:02:33 PST 2016

The Rustic Bunting found by Cara Borre a few days ago continues in Neah Bay.

It is with a junco flock on the road from town towards the jetty. It was about 1/4 mile past the first gate. It really sticks out in the flock and is easily identifiable. It was staying tight with the juncos as the flock moved around but seemed to spook less easily.

I'd like to thank Mike Charest for his focus and determination to stay on the case all day and he called us when he had relocated it at 1:30 while we were able to chase other species in the area.

Also in the area were Tufted Duck (sewage ponds), Gnatcatcher (in town), Clay-Colored Sparrow (Adrienne's feeders), Clark's Grebe and many other fun birds.

Neah Bay never disappoints! Always worth the drive!

Chris Warlow

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