[Tweeters] CBCs in the Seattle Area?

Josh Hayes Coralliophila at live.com
Sat Dec 10 16:27:17 PST 2016

Hi tweets,

I was trying to talk my wife into signing up for the Anacortes-Sidney-Anacortes count next Saturday, but honestly, we're not good enough at seabirds to be useful for that. And it's a big time commitment. But we'd like to participate in SOME local CBC; so, where does one find information about the various routes people will be running, and teams that need bodies? We're good at the more land-bound species, especially passerines, but really, just want to participate. Any thoughts appreciated, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd like pointers.

-Josh Hayes, in the gloaming in Licton Springs (North Seattle)

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