[Tweeters] Rustic Bunting & other Neah Bay goodness today [11/7/16]

Matt Bartels mattxyz at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 7 19:59:37 PST 2016

As John said, several of us were able to get nice looks at the Rustic Bunting Cara & Åsta found yesterday [and refound today] - I returned a couple more times during the day and only was able to relocate it once, at ~2:30pm — As with our morning sighting, in the afternoon it was sticking in the brush between the jetty road and the beach — about 1/2 way down, there’s a pretty prominent creek — pink ribbons both before and after the creek — Not sure whether it will stick with that narrow area, but worth checking well — I had gone back and forth pishing many times before it reappeared. Yesterday, it ranged much more widely along the road, from what I understand - from the base of the jetty down to around today’s spot and farther.
Yesterday, and this afternoon, it was with a flock of Dark-eyed Juncos. This morning, there were a couple nearby, but it was really seeming to hang out on its own.

The Bunting was occasionally giving a chip note that might be helpful - a sharper, higher chip than the juncos —

Other birds at Neah Bay today — as others have reported:
Harris’s Sparrow & Clay-colored Sparrow @ Wa’atch Beach Rd.
Rough-legged Hawk in the Wa’atch Valley
Clark’s Grebe in the harbor
Glaucous Gull in the afternoon at the mouth of the creek in town. Earlier there was a different 1st cycle gull in the Wa’atch Valley that looked ‘close’ to a GLGU but didn’t seem to have a clean bill.

Not that a Rustic Bunting would mind a bit of snow, but tomorrow eve the snow is due to hit Neah Bay worse than the Puget Sound, so it might be worth getting out there tomorrow before it maybe gets harder to get there.

Matt Bartels
Seattle, WA

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> Cara found it along the beach about 9:30 am. Seen along road to the jetty by the creek on the bay side by ten birders at 10:15. Everyone got good looks. I got ID pictures.


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