[Tweeters] Palm Warbler Edmonds

Jud Scovill judscovill11 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 11:03:09 PST 2016

Hi Tweets,
At 10:20 this morning there was what I'm quite sure was a Palm Warbler at
Brackett's Landing in Edmonds. It was seen for several minutes and was
located at the base of the jetty in and around the two rock piles, one on
either side of the paved path which leads out onto the jetty. It was in the
company of a mixed flock including several Yellow-rumped Warblers, an
Orange-crowned Warbler and some immature White-crowned Sparrows. Yellowish
undertail coverts, dark eye-line, light supercillium, constant tail pumping
all the time that I observed it.
Good birding,
Jud Scovill
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