[Tweeters] O.T. Mammal Big Year

sremse at comcast.net sremse at comcast.net
Mon Dec 5 07:17:20 PST 2016

I may get out a couple of more times (drat those CBC commitments!) but probably won't be able to score any more mammals. Totals: 72 overall; 56 in Washington; 30 in Island County.

How many can you get in your county? 45 or so should be doable in Whatcom, King etc. I encourage you to give it a try in 2017!

Many thanks to Matt Bartels and Michael Donahue for helping me get started. I would be delighted to offer advice to anyone wanting to do a Mammal Big Year. If you're looking for a challenge this may be for you.
-----Steve Ellis
Coupeville, Wa
sremse at comcast.net

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