[Tweeters] Drones and Birds?

Roland van der Vliet rollie_nl at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 5 02:19:14 PST 2016

Hi Dan et al.,
The impact of drones on wildlife has in fact already been studied, also for wetland species. Of relevance may be the paper "Approaching birds with drones: first experiments and ethical guidelines" in Biology Letters, by Vas et al. in volume 11 in 2015. They performed experiments on wetland bird species. I am sure there will be references to other studies in that paper. You may also send me a PM so that I can send you this paper (and more).
All the best, Roland van der Vliet

On Monday, December 5, 2016 9:24 AM, "Dan Reiff, PhD" <notcalm at comcast.net> wrote:

Hello Tweets,
I was at Marymoor park Sunday afternoon. A person arrived at the model airplane field and launched a drone about 3:45PM. It traveled at least as far the Pea Patch before I lost track of it.
Based on time of return, I believe it traveled above much of the park area.
It made at least three routes around the park including after dark-easy to see then because it had lights- and far beyond the designated area for model airplanes.
So, I am curious- are there any studies on bird behavior and drone activity?
I would like to understand if drone activity has any material effect on bird behavior. I do not know, but they are becoming common and I have even seen them being flown in Wilderness areas.
I have noted that there is now a metal sign at the Snoqualmie Falls overlook that states that drones are not allowed in the area because it is a Peregrine falcon nesting site.
This not intended to be a negative comment, just a request for information.
Dan Reiff

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