[Tweeters] Marymoor Park (Redmond, King Co.) 2016-12-01

Michael Hobbs birdmarymoor at frontier.com
Thu Dec 1 14:16:51 PST 2016

Tweets – It was our coldest morning of the winter yet – there was even a touch of frost. November was notably warm, but at least there’s some hint of winter this month :) Mostly a thin overcast, some sun, a brief bit of drizzle. Pretty nice. And the birding was really good.


American Wigeon Heard pre-dawn, then had a flock fly out
Greater Scaup Lone female in slough with Buffleheads
Common Goldeneye About 4 at the lake – First Of Fall
E. Collared-Dove One flyby near concert venue
SHORT-EARED OWL Great looks, East Meadow, 7-7:20
N. SAW-WHET OWL Nice look, 6:30ish, north of “Mysterious Thicket”
Common Raven First of the year – two different flybys
BOHEMIAN WAXWING Two, SE corner of East Meadow
Lincoln’s Sparrow 3-4 at Compost Piles
Western Meadowlark A dozen north of Fields 7-8-9
Purple Finch Nice flock of around a dozen along slough

Our only previous confirmed sighting of BOHEMIAN WAXWING at Marymoor was a single bird hanging out with Cedar Waxwings from late-February through early April, 2012. Today, we had very good looks at two along the east edge of the southern tip of the East Meadow. They were feeding on berries with American Robins, and were sticking close to each other.

It was a really nice day, with lots of good looks at birds, and some nice surprises. For the day, 58 species.

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