[Tweeters] migrant Pacific-slope Flycatcher in Seattle

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As part of our beginner banding class, Puget Sound Bird Observatory banded a Pacific-slope Flycatcher Aug 27th and recaught it Aug 28th, near the Willow Creek Hatchery in Edmonds. So it was staying in nice tall trees with plenty of water running nearby. We also caught a Yellow Warbler and an Orange-crowned Warbler August 28th.

The cooler weather may have gotten the migration going a little stronger. I know that both Sunday evening and Monday evening, I had 4 Black-headed Grosbeaks chowing down on my high-quality seed--that should give them a good start on their migrations.

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> Hello, tweets.

> I was standing at the window with camera on tripod photographing chickadees and House Finches in the back yard, and a Pacific-slope Flycatcher appeared in the hemlock tree right in front of

> me, sat for a few photos, and then moved on. That’s the way to jazz up the day. I looked at my records for this species, and I detect one about every other year. Who knows how many actually

> move through the yard—far more than I see, that’s for sure. It’s fascinating that they are almost all in the fall; they just don’t come through the yard in spring except for one June bird.


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