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Wed Aug 31 14:37:24 PDT 2016


It took a little walk around the neighborhood, but I found the
Black-billed Magpie at 48th & Bennett, then left it around 48th &
Mayflower at 2 p. m. today. Fortunately, it continues to be frequently
vocal. The crows harass it a bit, and it appears to be an immature,
judging from brownish head and neck feathers, a bit of a pale gape, and
bare dark facial skin. There are no leg bands. The tail is either
growing in or molting, as there's no match to the longest feather, and
it's not perfect. I met one friendly neighbor and warned her she may
see more binocular-carrying strangers. I think I saw a Merlin fly north
out of the neighborhood earlier, as well.

31 August, 2016,

Alan Grenon
panmail at fastmail.fm

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