[Tweeters] Big Brown Bat Question

Josh Adams xjoshx at gmail.com
Tue Aug 30 20:53:51 PDT 2016

Hello tweets,
Since tweeters has taken a temporary turn towards bat chat, I thought I'd
pose a question I've had for a month or so. When we moved to our house near
the Snohomish river in mid June I was thrilled to see what I believe were
Big Brown Bats flying above the trees on most nights. We also have have
Little Brown Bats in the yard most nights. Since early July the Big Brown
Bats have not been seen. Does this species typically move to other
locations or habitat post breeding or is there some other explanation?

As an aside, this house has had an amazing mammal list so far. Besides the
bats, highlights have been River Otters, Harbor Seals (15miles upstream
from Puget Sound), Deer, and Coyote (heard only so far). But the absolute
highlight was finding a Northern Flying Squirrel on my sunflower feeder. A
long-sought lifer and the only rodent I may ever happy to see in those

Josh Adams
Cathcart, WA
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