[Tweeters] Shorebirds Ocean Shores to Tokeland ,28&29 August 2016

Maxine Reid baconmf at mail.com
Tue Aug 30 20:04:20 PDT 2016

Hi tweets
As promised here is our finds:
Many are similar to Marv Breece's (thanx)who we crossed paths with a couple of times.
Hoquiam Stp:
2 stops - lesser yellowlegs-1
Pectoral sandpipers-4
Killdeers -4-5
Least sand pipers ~12
Spotted sandpiper-1
Ocean shores game range:
Least sandpipers 8-10
Western sandpipers -4
Baird's sandpiper -1
Semipalmated plovers -5
( American golden plovers -heard and distant flight view)
Saw 1 American Pipit as well..
Ocean shores brown point:
Ruddy turnstones -3
Black turnstones-4
Sanderlings - a few dozen
Johns river:
Greater yellowlegs-4 (across the river from the boat launch)
Bottle beach:2 trips
Black bellied plovers-8
Least sandpipers-12
Western sandpipers-10
Dunlins -6
Chased by a Peregrine
Lesser yellowlegs-1 in the stream inland from the beach)
GrayLand beach:
Snowy plovers-2
Marbled godwits-3
Midway ponds:2 trips
Wilson's snipe -1
Tokeland: 2 trips
Willets -8
Marbled godwits-2
Black turnstone-1
Least sandpiper -1
Marbled godwits- ?300
Short billed dowitcher -1
Black turnstones-2
Wandering tattlers -5 north of the east end of the marina &3 on the jetty.
The 5 were running back and forth from a small sandy beach into the water
We missed the bartailed godwit in the big flock of marbled ,.
There were huge number of gulls everywhere ,many heermanns.
There were lots of red throated loons in ocean shores south of the game range and
Vicinity , some in breeding plumage.
As many have written , the spectacle was the sooty shearwaters both streaming along and literally filling grays harbor west of ocean shores .also sighted many west of Tokeland.
We also saw a western scrub jay at Vance creek park near to Elma .
Our total shorebirds was 20 plus heard American golden plover.
It seemed that numbers of individual birds were lower that other years to us.
Has anyone else notice this?
The weather was warm ,calm and sunny !
We saw a grey whale from the north side of Westport swimming into the inner Gray's harbor.

Cheers and good birding,
Maxine Reid
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