[Tweeters] Bat close encounter, RFI

Jody Breckenridge jbreckenridge at r2usa.com
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Steve, I had the same experience with a table umbrella some years ago. Was
brushing dead leaves and spiders off of the closed umbrella I had stored
under my covered deck and one of them moved. I carefully put the snoozing
bat in a shoe box and moved it to a more remote part of my property (I wore
gloves and long sleeves). I then backed off to a safe distance to observe,
and left it to its own devices. It took off immediately and after getting a
very close up look at the bat as it flew right by me, I was amazed at how
huge the wings were compared to the tiny body. Fascinating creatures but
the rabies thing is scary. A few years later a dead bat was found by a
friend's dog a couple miles from my home and found to have rabies so she had
to get the shots.


Jody Breckenridge,

North of Monroe, rural Sno County

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we have an outdoor table with a sun umbrella. Just below the closed umbrella
where what look like mouse droppings on the table. I opened the umbrella and
a small brown bat flew out. It was under the wind flaps on top of the
umbrella Steve Sher

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Although we're a bird site, I've noticed in the past that a few rare "forays
nearby" are allowed. I've had BIG BROWN BATS for years flying at dusk over
the open area around our house at dusk. So I guess I should not have been
surprised (but was) when one spooked me yesterday. There I was, painting a
ventilation siding up at the top of the ladder, about 15' off the ground,
when one took off from under the lattice I was painting! I almost flew off
the ladder myself, it flew so close...

But it reminded me that perhaps someone out in Tweeterland (Kelly
McAllister?) could point a person in the direction of a good key to
identification of our local species. The only other bat I've been sure of
encountering is the HOARY BAT a few times on the Ol. Peninsula, but the
Mammals guide indicates we have 11 species on our side of the Cascades.
Friday night, I counted about 25 bats low over Highway 9 in a 8-mile
stretch, thinking there must be other species than BIG BROWN around.

Anyone out there in Tweeterland have a good sense of bat i.d.s in w WA?

Scott Atkinson

Lake Stevens

mail to: scottratkinson at hotmail.com

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