[Tweeters] Ocean Shores today

dlmoor2 at coastaccess.com dlmoor2 at coastaccess.com
Sun Aug 28 20:44:40 PDT 2016

It was great to see so many familiar faces today at Ruth and Patrick's
ash scattering. I get out on the beach so seldom I just had to keep
birding! So we headed over to the jetty where we ran into Lonnie and his
party...no surfbirds but five black turnstones and two ruddy turnstones.

We drove back out onto the beach at Damon Rd. and slowly made our way
north almost to Ocean City. Lots of vehicles, horses, dogs, and people,
but we also saw several large groups of shorebirds, mostly westerns and
sanderlings. Hoped to see a Baird's but couldn't quite do it.

I just got back from the sunset viewing at the end of Ocean Lake Way,
where the sooty shearwaters are very close in to shore and a pod of
maybe 10 to 12 dolphins or porpoises were feeding right in front of the
access road.

Nice way to end the day. I need to do this more often.

Dianna Moore

Ocean Shores

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