[Tweeters] questions about YOUNG bird watchers

Linda Phillips linda_phillips1252 at msn.com
Sat Aug 27 15:01:26 PDT 2016

I am not a parent or even an Aunt, I have NO personal experience with children but I would love to impart my love of all things out doors specifically birds to the upcoming generations.
I volunteer at an elementary school. In years past I helped with a afterschool club focused on nature and the environment. Interest in that group has grown to the degree (80+ children) that we need to break up into smaller, more manageable clubs. I hope to offer a “Young Birdwatchers Club” to the children this year. It would be 8 one and a half hour meetings, 4 in the fall, 4 in the spring. The school is adjacent to a park with birding potential. Over the years I 've had a FEW students who were focused and quiet enough to observe birds but most just needed to be outside blowing off steam.
My questions:
At what age did you start birding? When did you start teaching your children about birds?
(are 4-6th graders too young?)
If you are a young birder, What was it that sparked your interest in birds when your peers were interested in other things?
What bird related activities would this age group be interested in?
All advice and suggestions are much appreciated.

Linda Phillips

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