[Tweeters] Tulalip spit red knot yes, American golden plover not, access issues

Maxine Reid baconmf at mail.com
Sat Aug 27 13:56:03 PDT 2016

Hi tweets
As stated the American golden plover was not present about 12:30 pm .
The flock of black bellied plovers was MUCH smaller than the past few days. , so maybe they all flew south!?
Re:access-I obtained permission from the owners of the access to the spit
That birders in small numbers could park south of the mailboxes after the turnaround at the end of mission beach road and walk through the mud to the spit.Most of the time birds are on the northwest side of the spit ,therefore difficult to see from the road. The person who complained to birders yesterday does not own the access.
However much of the land on the bay side,north side, of the road i s owned by homeowners on the south side of Mission beach road,i.e. ,private.
If you go there,please note this. If you are friendly and stress the RARE BIRDS you see
Most people there are more than interested!
I hope that helps.
Good birding,
Maxine Reid

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