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Thu Aug 25 19:21:28 PDT 2016

Hi Stan,

Sorry I couldn't reply earlier, my phone was and still is malfunctioning.
Utah Wetlands is the name for a small pond that is ringed by a heavy
thicket. The Wetlands are located pretty much in the middle of the park.
They are located beside the field located at the intersection of Kansas
Avenue and Discovery Park Boulevard. The entrance to the Wetlands is
adjacent to the white purple martin gourds hanging on poles.

To enter, you must duck through an opening in the thicket (at the end of
the trail through the grass), and then walk 6 feet down a slightly steep
dirt bank. In winter and spring the pond is more full, but right now there
is a stretch of dry mud you can walk onto. Once standing on the dry
mud, scan the opposite (east) edge of the pond, for that is where I saw the
waterthrush foraging today, feeding beside and between reed bases as well
as going more into the open. There are many goldfinches and a few juncos
moving around in there, among other interesting migrants, but the tail
pumping is a good visual cue to clue you in to the rarity!

Hope I helped and best of luck to you, Joshua Glant
Mercer Island, WA

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> Hello Joshua, Can you tell me where Utah Wetlands is located ?

> Thanks . Stan Kostka


> Subject: Northern Waterthrush Continues + Lens Cap

> Date: Thu Aug 25 2016 15:05 pm

> From: josh.n.glant AT gmail.com

> Hello Tweets,

> During my position today as a junior naturalist for Seattle Audubon's

> Nature Camp, I was able to go back to Utah Wetlands and see the northern

> waterthrush again just now after first seeing it yesterday morning. Better

> views today of this pretty warbler, feeding in the same location at the

> back of the muddy area. I somehow managed to briefly show the bird to all

> the interested third graders in my group, a real feat! We also enjoyed two

> purple martins harassing a very dark merlin directly over the wetland.

> While walking through the adjacent meadow, I found a small black unmarked

> lens cap on the trail. If anyone has lost their cap or has any idea whose

> it could be, please contact me at this email.

> Good birding, Joshua Glant

> Mercer Island, WA




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