[Tweeters] Wandering Tattler at Carkeek Park in Seattle

Louise Rutter louise.rutter at eelpi.gotdns.org
Thu Aug 25 13:42:51 PDT 2016

When I saw the bird at 6.45am today, it was moving around and picking through the stones and seaweed at various distances from the dead tree roots, tail bobbing as it went. I’m not familiar enough with wandering tattler food sources to know if it was finding food, but it was certainly looking.

Louise Rutter


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Still there at 7:15 this morning, on the beach next to the roots.

Has anyone considered calling a bird rescue expert? I got within 25-30 yards and the bird just sat there -- I agree that it does not seem well. I didn't go closer because I didn't want to stress the bird.


Rick Tyler

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