[Tweeters] Larch Mountain, Clark Co this morning

Randy Hill re_hill at q.com
Wed Aug 24 19:31:09 PDT 2016

Jim Danzenbaker and I headed up to the Larch Mountain gap migration spot at
the L-1520 gate in eastern Clark County this morning. No wind when we
started but it picked up by 7 am. Of interest were sightings around 8 am
near the "Rock Wren rock" about a half mile NW of the gap: a family of 5
Western Bluebirds and a couple of Townsend's Solitaires using snags west of
the rock, and migrating raptors that included a N Harrier and a SWAINSON'S
HAWK in the same area. Again lots of Band-tailed Pigeons, Vaux's Swifts,
Western Tanagers, Pine Siskins and Cedar Waxwings, and a scattering of

Randy Hill


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