[Tweeters] Sooty Shearwaters at Chehalis River Mouth

Marv Breece marvbreece at q.com
Wed Aug 24 07:56:25 PDT 2016

Monday afternoon I was enjoying shorebirds at the Hoquiam STP in Grays Harbor County. There were many LEAST & WESTERN SANDPIPERS. Also 1 SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPER and 2 BAIRD'S SANDPIPERS. I then scoped the bay to the south of the ponds and noticed a large movement of birds heading toward the Chehalis river mouth. They were SOOTY SHEARWATERS. At the upper end of the movement was a massive swarm of birds. As they banked, their light underwings flashed in the sun.

Here is a link to a very terrible video. It was not possible to get close to the birds quickly. Don't watch this; it will make you dizzy. I was hoping to capture the swarming mass as well as the numbers of birds en route.

Another very short video, same time and place, of a few birds in flight:

Here is a much better video I took of sootys a year ago at North Cove in Pacific County:

Marv Breece
Tukwila, WA
marvbreece at q.com

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