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Tue Aug 23 16:05:38 PDT 2016

Greeting, Tweets,

Early afternoon today in Seattle's Discovery Park, watching birds come
to the diminishing water at the Utah wetland, Spencer H. and I watched a
Northern Waterthrush feed in the open several times. It was still
present when we left around 2:15. Lots of other birds were coming,
including a Lazuli Bunting (not a bright male), Yellow and Wilson's
Warblers and Yellowthroat, Warbling Vireo, Pacific-slope and Willow
Flycatchers, tanagers and Black-headed Grosbeak, waxwings, siskins and
(especially) goldfinches. Also coming was a black-and-white Estrildid
finch of some sort, perhaps from Africa or south Asia, which I haven't
identified yet, presumably an escaped bird. A couple (continuing)
ravens flew nearby.

Earlier at West Point (same park), we'd had a Western Kingbird, eight
Sanderlings, and a Spotted Sandpiper, among other birds, and a Green
Heron at the small pond along the north beach.

We started at Carkeek Park after 5:30 a. m., and between 6 and 6:30 had
the Wandering Tattler associating with that same large tree root mass
between the foot bridge and the creek mouth. (I would not recommend
trying for the bird in the afternoons, when the beach gets busy with
humans and illegal dogs, and the bird disappears.)

23 August, 2016,

Alan Grenon
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