[Tweeters] Parrots left in car

Jennifer Jarstad jennjarstad at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 22:33:08 PDT 2016

Writing a little reluctantly as I am hesitant to "blow the whistle" on a
situation that may be entirely legit. This evening I saw 2 large parrots
(based on photos, I believe one was a Hyacinth Macaw, and the other was a
Blue and Gold Macaw) in a parked car in North Seattle. The two were
pecking at one another a little, and the blue and gold was screeching and
pecking at the car window. It seems that owning these birds in Seattle is
legal, but though it wasn't hot out at the time, it seemed rough to be
trapped in a car with all the windows closed. Perhaps I am overly worried
about these gorgeous birds, but am hoping someone can say that there are
owners who take their parrots everywhere with them in cars and therefore it
is not unusual. Anyone?

Jenn Jarstad
Seattle, WA
jennjarstad at gmail.com
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