[Tweeters] Camping around Neah Bay?

Eric Heisey magicman32 at rocketmail.com
Mon Aug 22 21:47:59 PDT 2016

Hello all,

Does anyone know of any camping options around or in Neah Bay? As a budding college student, I'm beginning to realize the benefits of camping instead of staying in a hotel, as I am willing to sacrifice comfort and luxury for cheap camping prices. I know that purchasing the recreation pass from the Ma'kah allows you to access many areas around the general vicinity, but I've never been sure as to whether or not it allows you to camp? I was wondering about the potential for camping along some of the forest roads there, like up to Bohokas Peak or around Hobuck Lake, maybe on some of the forest roads to the west? Thank you all for your replies!

Eric Heisey

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