[Tweeters] Grays Harbor to Neah Bay 8/19-8/21 - BW Hawk, Stilt Sandpiper, Franklin's Gull

Ryan Merrill rjm284 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 10:23:43 PDT 2016

On Friday Bill Tweit and I birded around Grays Harbor in the morning before
making our way north for our first visit of the fall to Neah Bay. It was
amazingly warm that day, even reaching 100 degrees in Hoquiam!
Unfortunately the birding there was not that hot. On Saturday we birded the
Neah Bay area most of the day before Bill departed in the afternoon. It was
pleasant, sunny and warm, with quite a few birds around. I stayed another
night and checked Neah Bay again Sunday morning, this time in the cold,
windy drizzle.

Here are some of the highlights:

Horned Grebe - 1 Midway Beach 8/19 - molting adult

Eared Grebe - 1 Neah Bay 8/20-8/21 - breeding plumage adult with Horned

Manx Shearwater - 2 Kalaloch 8/19 - cruising around the calm nearshore
waters together. The waters around Alexander Island and Destruction Island
are by far the best area for Manx Shearwaters in the state so scoping from
shore in this area is a great bet if one wants to see them.

BROAD-WINGED HAWK - 1 Neah Bay 8/20-8/21 - subadult hunting along Bahokus
Peak Road both mornings around 0.6 to 1.0 miles up the road.


Marbled Godwit - 4 Neah Bay 8/20

STILT SANDPIPER - 1 Neah Bay 8/20 - Fresh, buffy juv, the one previous
record from Neah Bay that I'm aware of was in 1954.


Baird's Sandpiper - 7 Midway Beach 8/19, 3 Hobuck Beach & 6 Tsoo-Yess Beach
8/20, 5 Tsoo-Yess Beach 8/21

Semipalmated Sandpiper - 1 Hoquiam STP 8/19, 2 Tsoo-Yess Beach 8/20

FRANKLIN'S GULL - 1 Neah Bay 8/19 - molting adult continuing from 8/17 when
found by Ruth Richards.


Hammond's Flycatcher - 1 Neah Bay 8/21 - with a mixed flock along the road
to the jetty.

Good birding,
Ryan Merrill
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