[Tweeters] Text from Person who saw possible Broad-billed Hummer

Art Wang ArtNancy at harbornet.com
Sun Aug 21 16:56:59 PDT 2016

Stephen Casey asked me (Art Wang) to post this for him:

Mark Stackhouse raises very good points. I did send along the additional images to Matt Bartels, with slight exposure corrections. After reading Marks comments I studied the images. An Anna's with a mutant beak seems quite logical. There is no black at the base at all, and the superior and inferior can be seen in two images showing some black at the tip but none in the central area. Also the light was dappled but even so the pinkish red bulk of the beak seems too translucent. I just uploaded the images and a zipped up version of them to a share folder on my Google Drive. Here is the link. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BzhYGwbYMIu1Zld3RXJMb1ROWHM I won't be joining the ABA this year, so can not post directly. Art feel free to copy this text and the free image download link to the tweeter forum so all have access to them. I will of course update if I am able to get better images, provided she shows up again. Stephen Casey.

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