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Georgia Conti antep12 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 08:27:45 PDT 2016

Dear Tweets:

I imagine there are Avisys users on this forum, like me, who've been in a
quandary since Jerry Blinn's passing and the subsequent shut down of the
Avisys website. Thankfully there's someone who is stepping up to the plate
to help us with the new taxonomic update - Kent Fiala, a North Carolina
birder. I am forwarding his and Mike Judd's messages to me so that you too
can benefit. Please feel free to communicate directly with Kent; he is
looking for feedback. And pass this along to other Avisys users who may
not be on this forum.

Georgia Conti
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Date: Sun, Aug 21, 2016 at 9:42 AM
Subject: Clements updates now available for Avisys users
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Cc: Kent Fiala <kent.fiala at gmail.com>

Kent Fiala
[image: Kent Fiala's profile photo]
carolinabirds at duke.edu

AviSys users: I have created a taxonomy update for AviSys, incorporating
the just-released Clements 2016 changes. You can find a link to the
documentation for it at http://avisys.faintlake.com/
Before I make the update generally available for download, I am looking for
a few brave souls to go first and be my beta testers. (The update does work
for me, but I'm the only one to have run it so far.) If you would like to
be a tester, please email me (off-list please) and let me know, and I will
send you the update file. All I need is that you promise to apply the
update promptly, and report back to me how the update went, and how usable
the documentation is.

Actually, before you email me, go ahead and follow the instructions for
setting up your test data set. If you are not discouraged after that, then
you can email me. If you are discouraged, email me and tell me what
discouraged you.

If you have done an update before, the steps should all be familiar to
you. There is also a Facebook page at Avisys Birding Software which is
very open to new members.

Shared by Mike Judd
Brevard, NC

PS I did the update in two hours but I am not the sharpest pencil in the
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