[Tweeters] Status Of Ruby-throated Hummingbird In Washington

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Hi, Vincent.

’Twas me. I was leading a group on a field trip for a Cooper Ornithological Society meeting, and we were looking at birds at the edge of a clearing with conifers all around. Tooting like a pygmy-owl brought in a hummingbird with a green back and crown, red throat, and nicely forked tail, and I finally had the temerity to call it a Ruby-throated. No one had a camera with a telephoto lens (that would never happen to me again). As skeptical as I am of sight records, I submitted a report to the Bird Record Committee (of which I was a member). I think everyone believed me, at least to my face. The bird was seen by numerous bird-savvy observers, and all agreed on the field marks. I couldn’t find any other reasonable possibilities in the hummingbirds of North America.

The record was published in an written up by Bill Tweit and Jeff Skriletz.

Dennis Paulson
Seattle, WA

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> Tweeters:


> This photo of a Ruby-throated Hummingbird on the Seattle Audubon Society's

> Facebook page is remarkable if, in fact, it was taken in WA. However, that

> is totally unclear because there is no data associated with it. So, what is

> the status of RTHU in WA? According to __ The Birds of Washington, Status

> And distribution __ (2005) by Wahl et al, there is only one "sight record"

> for it of a male seen in Liberty, Kittitas County, on June 28, 1992 by

> Tweit and Skriletz). Hmm. Sight record? Sheri Williamson, author of the

> __ A Field Guide to Hummingbirds of North America __, states the following

> (personal communication): " ... 6/28/92, Kittias Co., e. slope of Cascades,

> 4000'. Comment field says "could be 1st WA record [not accepted?]" And,

> "nothing newer than that, though I've got one from northern OR in 2006 and

> a 2008 record from Vancouver Is."


> So my questions are these. 1) How can a record be accepted by the WBRC

> based on solely a "sight record" with no other documentation? 2) Can anyone

> find out if and where in WA the RTHU in the photo on the Seattle Audubon

> Society's Facebook page was taken? If documented that it was taken in WA,

> then that would solidify RTHU as being a legitimate species albeit, a

> vagrant, in WA.


> Here is the link to the Seattle Audubon Society's Facebook page. I realise

> that not everyone may be able to view it is you are not a member of FB.


> http://tinyurl.com/halxole

> --

> Vincent Lucas

> Port Angeles, WA

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