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It's probably worth mentioning that during our morning visit yesterday,
Spencer H. and I had three Bank Swallows give a good show gliding over
us at the lake platform at Marymoor Park (Redmond). We also had Barn,
Violet-green, Cliff, and Purple Martin. The woods had W. Wood-pewee,
Willow Flycatchers, Rufous Hummingbirds, Western Tanager, Black-throated
Gray Warbler, and a fair number of scruffy brown Purple Finches. We
didn't find red-shouldered nor vireos. (Good luck to today's crew.)

Finally visiting the Redmond ponds (near Novelty & 195th), we found the
continuing two Lesser Yellowlegs, a Least Sandpiper, Killdeer, a Turkey
Vulture, a bathing Osprey, a kingfisher, and ducks, including a handful
of Mallards, a few Wood Ducks, two Green-wingeds, two Hooded mergansers,
and a pintail.

And I had another Pacific-slope Flycatcher at home in Seattle in a patch
where they don't breed.

of 17 August, 2016,

Alan Grenon
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