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Hi all -
The point is mostly moot by now, since the Scissor-tailed has since been seen flying well north and well south of SR 24, thus safely within both Adams and Franklin Counties.
But I wanted to pass along official word from Franklin County - I emailed them to ask for definitive word about where exactly the county border runs in that stretch of SR 24. They replied promptly that it is just south of SR 24, So basically, if you see the bird above the road or anywhere north of there: Adams. Just south of the road and into the sage: Franklin

Here’s the official response:

The boundary between Franklin and Adams Counties is defined by the state as the north township line of Township 14. We have this surveyed at the southern edge of the SR 24 right-of-way, so SR 24 is fully contained within Adams County, as are the power lines to the north. There is a section of SR 24 between Sunrise Drive and Radar Hill Road, centered just before and after Mile 74, where the county boundary gets into the centerline of the highway.

Most importantly, glad the bird is cooperating for so many consecutive days!

Matt Bartels
Seattle, WA

> On Aug 12, 2016, at 7:32 PM, Matt Bartels <mattxyz at earthlink.net> wrote:


> After battling west-side traffic, it was great to arrive at the Scissor-tailed spot and enjoy great looks.

> Chuck Jensen also was present, and the two of us watched the bird from ~5:00 - 5:30 [Chuck longer after that, after I left]

> [directions to the spot down at the bottom, after a county-lister diversion]


> And a request for help from a county lister:


> Anyone have definitive maps for where the Adams / Franklin county line falls along SR 24 here? It almost certainly doesn’t run right down the road [as shown in DeLorme and probably in eBird ] - but is is just north or just south of the road? Is this an Adams Co or a Franklin Co bird? And if we know where the line is officially, it would be helpful to know whether anyone saw the bird flying far enough afield to be seen in both counties. It is a county first no matter where it is —


> The power poles are along the north side of the road, and while I watched, all its flycatching was done on the north side of 24 -


> I’m sure there are no shortage of maps on line - this one appears to show the bird in Franklin Co if you zoom in:

> https://www.maptechnica.com/county-map/Franklin/WA/53021 <https://www.maptechnica.com/county-map/Franklin/WA/53021>


> If anyone wants to weigh in [on or off list] w/ info on the definitive boundary, I’d love to hear it.



> John’s directions, below, worked like a charm —


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>> John Puscock just called me and asked if I would post his finding of a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher near Othello. He just found it on Hwy. 24, 10-11 miles west of Othello. On wires with Western and Eastern Kingbirds. He said that it was approximately 5 poles west of milepost 68. Near here is the intersection of Hwy. 24, Hart and Hendricks road. Also there is a irrigation canal near here that goes under the road. Few places to park off Hwy.

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