[Tweeters] Phalaropes, Eastern Kingbird, and more at Ridgefield River S

John Bishop bishopjg at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 14 13:16:13 PDT 2016

This morning at Ridgefield NWR’s River S unit Ken Meyer and I saw at least 1 phalarope in non-breeding plumage in the wetlands with open water NW of post 11. Initially we thought we saw 3. It was too far and moving too fast for us to identify to species or get a photo. Afterward at the kiosk, two photographers were showing Susan Setterberg excellent photos of we thought was a juvenile Wilson’s Phalarope, which they had taken last week at River S.

Also at post 11 in the same open water/mudflats we saw 2 Virginia rails, 3 Wilson’s snipe, 2 american bittern, 2 greater and 1 lesser yellowlegs, a small flock of peeps and a possible 1st summer black crowned night heron, along with GBHE, ducks, killdeer et. al.

Around post 9 we saw a red shouldered hawk and a green heron.

While watching the green heron, we ran into Christopher Adlam (I think) who had just photographed an Eastern Kingbird at the entrance of the Kiwa Trail. A family of Eastern Kingbirds has been seen frequently over the past week at the nearby Carty Unit.

John Bishop
Vancouver, WA

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