[Tweeters] The Mottled Fog of Midnight

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Sun Aug 14 01:27:05 PDT 2016

Just woke up on my couch here in Port Townsend to a wonderfully cool and sight sensation - blowing fog at midnight.

You see I've had my one openable window, here at the Two Room Ranch, open all day due to our local heat wave. Oh, sure, I know that 80 degrees of sorta dryish heat is no big deal to some of you, but to a Puget Sounder....

Anyhoo, I awoke as little bits of lovely cool fog blew into my stuffy room. Intrigued, I stumbled the few feet over to my door and went outside to see what was going on, and was entranced by the visuals of low patchy fog blowing past the waxing moon, and under the few house and streetlights here in my mostly un- light- polluted 'hood.

Quite the thrill, really, seeing this moving mist show. The moon, the trees, the stars, appearing, then disappearing, over and over again. Beautiful, and it's working wonders on cooling my room down.

Jeff Gibson

now cool in

Port Townsend WA

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