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Went to Lake Ballard today at around 1130. There were 6 Western sandpipers, 1 least and 3 killdeer.

I find it amazing that our migrants find these little temporary patches of habitat. They are becoming so rare. As more mature habitats develop in our urban areas, these little pockets which formerly might have provided habitat for shorebirds disappear as the riparian fringe grows up and covers the mudflat area, leaving only open water and riparian edge. Or worse, development takes them.

Ed Swan, in the "Birds of Vashon" did an excellent job describing the shifting of bird populations as habitat matures . There are winners and losers, and in this case our shorebirds are the losers. If one looks at former shorebird habitat in the Kent Valley, it is almost all gone (who can remember the Tukwila Ponds, Kent Ponds, and Auburn Sewage Treatment Plant?),with only J Street by Emerald Downs remaining. The Montlake Fill is also a good example of transition away from shorebird habitat. I guess, if you are involved in any restoration projects, you should remember shorebird habitat. It goes against the trend recreating riparian forest but it does compensate for our loss of estuaries which a number of our shorebirds used to utilize in migration.

Mike Scuderi
Kent, WA
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Hey Tweets,

I stopped by the wet depression my co-workers have affectionately dubbed "Lake Ballard", which is on the south side of NW 46th St and just east of the Ballard bridge, and found a "plethora" of shorebirds. 2 juvie SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPERS, ~10 LEAST SANDPIPERS, 1 GREATER YELLOWLEGS, 1 SPOTTED SANDPIPER and 2 KILLDEER. I did not see the Solitary Sandpiper reported earlier this week, but thank you to Scott Atkinson for alerting me to this hotspot! This site has great potential over the next month to turn up some goodies! There is plenty of parking along 46th.

Good Migrations,

Houston Flores
Seattle, WA
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