[Tweeters] Great egret sightings in Carnation/Duvall on 8/8 and 8/9; fall raptor migration

Molly Simonson mollysimo at gmail.com
Tue Aug 9 18:42:10 PDT 2016

Hello all!

I am excited to join in on the great egret fun. I saw one individual fly
overhead to the North at Oxbow Farm, along the Snoqualmie River on Monday
8/8 (sometime during work, between 7:50am and 4pm).

I spotted another individual flying overhead to the North at Oxbow Farm at
3:20pm today. It dipped down behind the trees toward the river, and I saw
it again at 3:33pm rising up from the water at the NE 124th St bridge just
before Novelty Hill Rd.

As we're gearing up for fall, I am searching for hawkwatching locations in
the Seattle area. I live in Redmond, so ideally within 1hr driving, and
MUST be a location I can reach from my car by a very short walk on flat
ground, due to ankle injuries. I've seen the Prairie Ridge site, just off
highway 165, listed on the HMANA website. Anyone with experience
hawkwatching at this site? Any other favorite spots to go look at raptors

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