[Tweeters] Brown Crow?

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Per the Pyle Guide, (bird banding guide) page 311, Juvies (hatch year) have brownish casts, and since first year feathers are poorer quality feathers, they turn browner with sun exposure/wear.


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> hi terry,

> it sounds like this crow has a genetic mutation that has knocked out one of its melanin producing enzymes, which probably prevents it from producing eumelanin. in captive-bred songbirds, this usually is a

> sex-linked mutation known as "fawn" or "isabella". there are two mutations that can be visually recognised. one gives the black regions on the bird a red-brown colour whilst the other gives the black

> regions a (paler and less red) beige-brown colour.


> hope this helps.



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> I work in Maple Valley at the Cedar Hills Regional Landfill.  Yesterday, I saw a Brown Crow...  I was stunned.  I had my good bins with me and got a good look at it.  It was with a few other

> crows (black) so I was able to compare it with them.  It was the same size, same beak, acted the same (they were on the asphalt parking lot picking at probably maggots that fall out of our

> garbage trailers).   The color was even over the whole bird for the most part, even the beak.  I would compare the brown with that of a cowbird.

> I've never heard of a brown crow, so what did I see?


> Thanks for your help,


> Terry 

> West Seattle


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