[Tweeters] progress report from a Dutchman in Washington state

Roland van der Vliet rollie_nl at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 5 14:13:41 PDT 2016

Dear Tweeters,This is my progress reports somewhat later than I had hoped for: it has been a busy couple of weeks with lots of days out with the family (and a few on my own). My family lives in South Hill in quite a nice area from where hardly any bird observations have been entered on ebird. I thus decided to enter a few sightings by myself for the general area. I have had no problems finding my lifers Western Wood-Peewee, Red-breasted Sapsucker, Violet-green Swallow and Pacific-slope Flycatcher directly around the house. Also had a great daytime encounter with a Great Horned Owl.
I furthermore participated on the brilliant pelagic on 23 July that Bruce LaBar reported about: six new lifers and a few other sea creature lifers! Two other lifers were the Prairie Falcon that I watched at Paradise and the famous Tacoma Slaty-backed Gull that I chased after it being reported here. Due to problems with my family's cars, I have not been able to explore much on my own though, so I am content with my progress. Also, the car problems have been solved so I hope to visit Sunrise and even Wenas and adjacent sites coming week. In my final week I will visit the Olympic peninsula. I will keep you posted!All the best,Roland from Holland

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