[Tweeters] Mount Rainier - Sunrise Yesterday

B B birder4184 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 4 20:16:08 PDT 2016

What a difference a day makes.  The Seattle Audubon trip got blown off the mountain and had snow on Tuesday.  Wednesday was gorgeous - clear skies and very little wind.  I hiked the Mount Fremont Lookout Trail very early and had no White Tailed Ptarmigan - not sure any have been seen there this year.  Late at night I did some owling in the Sunrise Visitor Center area and heard not a single hoot.  Maybe later. But it was truly spectacular and there were some good birds - and animals.
MANY Mountain Bluebirds and dozens of Chipping Sparrows and Dark Eyed Juncoes, Clark's Nutcrackers but for me not a single Gray Jay, 5 or 6 Sooty Grouse, MacGillivray's and Yellow Rumped Warblers (and I think a Nashville).  Fly by Gray Crowned Rosy Finches at the Lookout and a very speedy Northern Goshawk hunting in one of the meadows near the parking lot at dusk.
Mammals included Hoary Marmots, distant Mountain Goats, Elk, Black Tailed Deer, various Ground Squirrels and a very large Black Bear.  After the owling also spectacular views of stars and the Milky Way.
I wrote up the visit in my blog if interested.  Has lots of photos.

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