[Tweeters] Fobes Rd.

Pamela Myers pamelapiwo6813 at aol.com
Thu Aug 4 15:29:58 PDT 2016

This morning I birded along the river trail near Fobes Rd. in Snohomish. A conservative estimate would be that I saw 5 or 6 EASTERN KINGBIRDS, but I think it was more. I called a friend in CA later in the morning, and she couldn't believe it! Good thing I took a lot of photos to send her, but I'm still feeling amazement. An eBird report from yesterday said there were 14 WILLOW FLYCATCHERS and I'm sure there were since their call was constant all along the trail and seemed like "a broken record" (only old timers will know what this means).

This was my first trip to this location. It's a great place to bird!

Pam Myers

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