[Tweeters] WA state swift roosts

Larry Schwitters leschwitters at me.com
Tue Aug 2 22:45:39 PDT 2016

Rain brings the swifts in. 187 Vaux’s at Selleck tonight. It would have been 188 but a Sharp-shin grabbed one. Would guess 700-800 at Wagner. The wee birds are right up next to the camera now. Maybe they get some heat from the IR. http://wildearth.tv/cam/vauxs-swifts <http://wildearth.tv/cam/vauxs-swifts> From the darker throat it looks like the third one from the left is a Chimney Swift. Bet you don’t have that on your Snohomish County list.

Somebody help me count them when they leave tomorrow morning.

Larry Schwitters

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