[Tweeters] My Summer Olympics

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Tue Aug 2 21:15:49 PDT 2016

Greece was the first home of Olympia, and Mount Olympus. Oh sure, way back in ol' Greece when it was full of Gods , resource wealthy ,and living high on the hog it could still throw a javelin and a real big party.The athletic and competitive types of the time started some big events. The Games.The Olympics.

Then it went all International. Nowadays even the state of Washington, USA, has an Olympia, a Mount Olympus, an Olympic Peninsula, etc. It's a wonderful area that I'm presently living in. We have our own spirits. Just last week our local Zeus got drunk in a Port Angeles tavern, and after five stiff margaritas and a lot of beer chasers, suddenly realized that it was only a few more days until the summer Olympics in Rio. "Oh poop!", the divine one blurted at the bar, "I've got to get the torch down to Brazil!" and went blasting out the bar doors, and narrowly missed getting hit by traffic as he ran across Highway 101, headed for the hills.Headed to Rio.

Zeus, being the 'Thunder and Lightning' guy, and being drunk, got all disoriented and blasted all sorts of mountainsides up in the Olympics on his perceived route to Rio.Finally he tripped badly on a huge Doug-fir log up on a steep slope and fell face down in some deep duff, his lightning torch setting off a pretty good fire. I could even see it from my job site at Cape George near Port Townsend on friday. That's how I could write this report.

It is sort of ironic that Zeus started his Olympic "torch" by tripping over a Douglas-fir log ( it was a big honker) because Douglas-firs need forest fires in the long run of their survival. Eventually they need a fire, windstorm, or something to open up some sunlight to the forest floor because their children don't grow well in the shade. So when you see a big ol' Doug-fir in the forest, thank Zeus. If Douglas-fir's had elections, they would vote for the long-vision candidate: Zeus. Smokey The Bear of the"only you can prevent forest fires" party? He would surely lose the Doug-fir election. It's all in the big forest picture really.

Meanwhile, down at pier at Fort Worden there are some Rio contenders , sort of. The local Port Townsend Purple Martins and Barn Swallows could soon be possibly migrating all the way to Brazil, or beyond, for winter. They'll miss the summer Olympics I guess, and although they should qualify for some sort of long-distance migration award, they will hopefully get plenty of the rewards of the journey - lots of flying bugs to eat.

Jeff Gibson

Port Townsend Wa

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