[Tweeters] Purple Martins at Capitol Peak

Kelly McAllister mcallisters4 at comcast.net
Mon Aug 1 18:11:13 PDT 2016

I was up among the communications towers on Capitol Peak, south of Olympia,
yesterday and there were at least 3 Purple Martins vocalizing, flying low,
and perching on the communications equipment. I know that some Purple
Martins are still attending nestlings and others are probably well into
dispersal away from nesting locations. So, I'm not sure what phase of their
annual cycle these birds might have been in. The wide open clearcut
surrounds and the tall communications towers with abundant, I think,
cavities and crevices for nests made me think it possible the birds are
nesting here. The elevation is 2,659 feet which is likely higher than all
or most nesting localities in Washington. I guess I may have to return in
late May to see if any are around when it's almost certain they would be

Kelly McAllister

Olympia, Washington

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