[Tweeters] Solitary Sandpiper still at Magnuson Park

Vicki King vkbirder at gmail.com
Mon Aug 1 11:07:42 PDT 2016

The Solitary Sandpiper is located in the same area it was reported
yesterday, next to a small pond with a muddy margin. Two young Mallards
were feeding in the pond.

Here are the directions for finding the bird on foot because there is no
parking near the pond it's in:

- Enter the park at NE 65th street and drive east.
- Take the first left turn.
- After passing a No Parking sign on the right, the pond is about 10
yards ahead, on your left.
- The pond is barely visible from the road but there are several viewing
spots either from a log or from a small path that takes you nearer to the
pond. The bird is very well camouflaged!

To park, continue about a block past the first left turn to reach a large
parking area on your left.

Thanks to all who posted about the sandpiper.

Vicki King
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