[Tweeters] Grand Park, Mt. Rainier N.P.

Bruce LaBar blabar at harbornet.com
Wed Sep 30 17:57:11 PDT 2015

Today, Ed Pullen and I hiked the trail from Forest Rd. 73 to Eleanor Lake then up to Grand Park. Last week, following a posting by Margot von Boosen-Helmer, we hiked part of the trail and had a tapping Black-backed Woodpecker, which is rare for Pierce County. We wanted to complete the hike and spend more time in this gorgeous area to get sightings of the various woodpeckers that Margot got.
Indeed fortune was on our side today and we had a fabulous day of birding, plus the great views from Grand Park.

Bird List

Bald Eagle-1
Sharp-shinned Hawk-1
Red-tailed Hawk-1
Golden Eagle-1
Prairie Falcon-1
Northern Pygmy Owl-2-tooting
Vaux Swift-1
American Three-toed Woodpecker-3 (excellent close views, 2 juveniles and 1 adult male)
Black-backed Woodpecker-1 (excellent close views, female)
Northern Flicker-6
Olive-sided Flycatcher-1 (heard by Ed, late bird)
Gray Jay-15-20
Clark’s Nutcracker-3
Common Raven-5
Mountain Chickadee-x
Red-breasted Nuthatch-x
Brown Creeper-1
Pacific Wren-x
Golden-crowned Kinglet-x
Mountain Bluebird-20
Townsend’s Solitaire-1
Hermit Thrush-2
American Robin-x
Varied Thrush-x
Yellow-rumped Warbler-x
Golden-crowned Sparrow-1
Dark-eyed Junco-x
Red Crossbill-x
Pine Siskin-x
Evening Grosbeak-x


Black Bear-1 (crossing road going out)
Douglas Squirrel


Hwy 410 towards Crystal Village, look for Forest rd. 73 on your right heading towards Mt. Rainier N.P.
Drive approximately 10 miles on 73 and look for just a few pull offs on the right.
The trail is a dirt, unmarked one on the left that heads up through the woods.
Once on the trail in about 100-200 yards there will be signage to Eleanor Lake and you are now in the national park.
Continue past the lake bearing left and uphill, hiking to a small meadow, continue through this meadow and start listening for the woodpeckers as you re-enter the forest.
Grand Park is another 1-2 miles ahead and has fantastic views of the mountain, Fremont Peak and good hawk watching possibilities.
Round trip is 7 miles.

Bruce LaBar

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