[Tweeters] bird feeder kill band tailed pigeon

Martha Jordan mj.cygnus at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 15:51:57 PDT 2015

A sad day to look out my window at the hanging array of bird feeders to see
a band-tailed pigeon hanging dead from the feeder. I use a pole with
attachments to hang the feeders and suet cake holder from Wild Birds
Unlimited. It has served me well for more than 15 years with no problems.
Sometime early this morning the usual group of pigeons must have come
in, a youngster got its' leg caught in the V between the pole and where the
hanger curves upward to hold the suet cake. It was indeed a sad sight. I
have never had this happen in all the years of feeding birds. I now have
this one area covered over with duct tape to prevent any other birds from a
similar fate. Has anyone else experienced a bird feeder event like this or
another so we know where the pitfalls lie to prevent accidents?

Martha Jordan
Everett, WA

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