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In a sometimes role as webmaster for different groups, I have had to deal with mail coming from different providers being flagged as spam. Hotmail is one of the worst, but Comcast addresses are right up there. The problem is with the provider, not with a list like Tweeters. Hotmail, Comcast and a few others are so large that there is a high number of spammers who are subscribers. So many that email systems consider the entire provider as a source of potential spam and subsequently blacklist any email coming from the provider. When my company was with Comcast in the past (we are no longer), we had to write to some of our customer's IT departments to make a special concession for us and remove us from their blacklists.

As some have suggested, you may be able to get around this by creating a filter in your email program to trap incoming messages before they get routed to a spam folder. However, that will only work when using webmail (such as with gmail). If you use an email client on your desktop, it will be too late--the message will be flagged before it ever gets sent to your email program. I know because the address I used to sign up with Tweeters is provided by Comcast--as a result my own messages to Tweeters get sent to the spam bucket! I have to retrieve them using my web mail client before I can download them to my computer.

What to do? If you are using a webmail approach exclusively, then a filter is probably the best course of action. If you are using an email client on your computer and have this problem, I suggest talking with your email provider to see if they can help you bypass their spam filters for Tweeters messages.

Scott Ramos


Ann Marie, it's not just tweeters. Recently it seems to me that Comcast is quite flawed when it comes to distinguishing spam from valid email. It's regularly bouncing back messages sent to me from a variety of people. This is happening at a very low frequency but too much, IMO.

When Tweeters informed me that Messages to/from my Comcast address were bouncing and I had to use a different email provider when using Tweeters I added a Gmail address. Sure would be nice if the Tweeters Admin could work out the bugs soon!

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