[Tweeters] Comcast and tweeters

Ed Swan Edswan2 at comcast.net
Tue Sep 29 14:19:36 PDT 2015

Any ideas on what to do about Comcast? I recently moved and changed emails
to a Comcast address. It worked fine for a while but then I started getting
test messages from tweeters quite a bit at the same time as receiving the
real tweeters email and then it failed completely. I then had to email the
list administrator who has put me back on. Everything is working fine now
over the last couple of days but I'm wondering if I'm going to see the same
sequence play out again.

If there is something to make Comcast work, that would be great. I don't
like have multiple email accounts going and don't really want to go the
gmail route.


Ed Swan

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Ann Marie, it's not just tweeters. Recently it seems to me that Comcast is
quite flawed when it comes to distinguishing spam from valid email. It's
regularly bouncing back messages sent to me from a variety of people. This
is happening at a very low frequency but too much, IMO.

Dennis Paulson


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I just found this message in my spam folder. This happens almost every day

When Tweeters informed me that Messages to/from my Comcast address were
bouncing and I had to use a different email provider when using Tweeters I
added a Gmail address.

Sure would be nice if the Tweeters Admin could work out the bugs soon!

Ann Marie Wood
Seattle, WA

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