[Tweeters] 3 Gotwit day, plus other good shorebirds at Semiahmoo Spit this afternoon

Fanter Lane fanterlane at gmail.com
Mon Sep 28 21:24:29 PDT 2015

Hello Tweeters,
I wanted to get the word out, Yesterday the 27th a number of birders saw a
juv. Bar-tailed Godwit mixed in with the Black-bellied Plover flock, there
was also a Pacific-golden Plover on the other side (inner) of the spit with
some Killdeer. Casey McHugh and I rushed out there after school ended this
afternoon and got there at about 4:30 and was very happy to have birders
already on the bar-tailed, a hudsonian and a marbled godwit. We watched
these birds for the next 1:30min, and I got some good photos. There was
also an American-golden Plover, and two Red Knots with the flock, but alas
no Pacific-golden!

If people are not aware of the Black-bellied Plover situation at semiahmoo
I will do my best to describe it. It seems like the flock, sometimes up to
1000 birds others time no birds, comes in the afternoon to the outer beach
of semiahmoo spit for a 3-4week period in late August through September. I
have tried for them in the morning and there were no birds, so the best
chance seems to be at the high tide from 2:30 on. The shortest route to the
area on the outer beach they prefer is to park at the middle section of the
spit on the right where there is a shelter. Then cross the street and walk
to the tallest tree a little ways down the spit giving the plovers as wide
of berth as possible so one does not flush them. If anyone tries for the
gotwits or goes to see the flock of plovers PLEASE be respectful to these
birds and don't get to close in the case they flush. They are already very
skittish and often fly if a raptor or walker gets to close. These birds are
roosting for the night and we do not want to put any unneeded pressure on
them as they are staging up for a long migration south.

Good Birding,
Fanter Lane
Acme, WA
fanterlane at gmail.com
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