[Tweeters] Fall Hawkwatching Sites in Washington

Jane Hadley hadleyj1725 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 28 13:55:04 PDT 2015

Hello Tweetsters: I believe someone asked recently about Fall hawkwatch
sites in Washington State. I was out of town and have lost track of the
particular post. But here are the hawkwatch sites that I'm aware of in
order of ease of accessibility from the Seattle area.

However, there is a special thing going on this year because of the
wildfires. Wildfires have burned in and around the Chelan Ridge
HawkWatch (near Cooper Mountain), so access has been restricted and the
annual Chelan Ridge Hawk Migration Festival this year (Sept 12) moved to
Slate Peak.

You can copy-and-paste the GPS numbers (e.g. 47.302932, -120.760313)
into Google Maps and it will take you to the location.

Note that Bahokus Peak is on the Makah Reservation, and tribal
permission is needed to access it.

Best bet this year is probably Red Top Mountain, which you can drive
most of the way to.

Red Top Mountain
p 275 in A Birder's Guide to Washington 2nd Edition (2015)
47.302932, -120.760313
FR 9738 off US-97 just north of Liberty in Kittitas County

Chelan Ridge near Cooper Mountain
p 420 of A Birder's Guide to Washington 2nd Edition (2015)
48.006234, -120.082320
10 miles north and a bit west of Chelan

Slate Peak
p 431 of A Birder's Guide to Washington 2nd Edition (2015)
48.743877, -120.680001
in the Hart's Pass region of the Cascade Mountains

Bahokus Peak
48.373376, -124.676503
*Makah Reservation, non-public land* (Olympic Peninsula)
Article about Bahokus Peak on front page of WOSNews Issue 49 (June 1997)
which you can download from WOS website

Jane Hadley
Seattle, WA

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