[Tweeters] Scoter Question Answered

Carol Riddell cariddellwa at gmail.com
Mon Sep 28 07:46:01 PDT 2015

Thanks to those of you who looked at my two photos last week. I was trying to determine if the two birds were Surf or White-winged Scoters. Dennis Paulson provided the answer and a great comparison photo. My birds were Surf Scoters. Dennis’s photo clearly shows how the feathering at the base of the bill is quite different in a White-winged Scoter. It is a field mark that I can now appreciate when I don’t see the white wings on a young or female bird at rest on the water. I hesitate to speak for Dennis, but if this is of further interest to you, you might ask him for a copy of his photo that he shared with me. It’s a great learning photo.

Carol Riddell

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