[Tweeters] Finally time to head again to a few favorite birding and scenic spots - 9/22 & 9/24, 2015

Barbara Deihl barbdeihl at comcast.net
Mon Sep 28 00:06:05 PDT 2015

With the exception of several surprise juvenile Bald Eagles taking a break in a tree in a yard along N. Wenas Rd., near a taxidermy business, a few Red-tailed Hawks on lines and posts near Swauk Prairie, Ellensburg and Edison, and a few Northern Harriers at Eide Rd. and West 90, most of the good sightings on these 2 days were scenic and not avian. But these outings with a visiting brother were not without merit, just because they were without a primary focus on birds ! The weather was beautiful on Tues. (22nd), east of Snoqualmie Pass and pleasant on Thur. (24th) up in Skagit County. We skipped Fir Island on Thur. and see that we may have missed seeing some early Snow Geese. It's good that many of you have shared a lot of good bird finds on Tweeters and eBird - stimuli for some fall searches - thanks !

Here are some things we did see: Flickr link: "From Stampede Pass to CWA to the Stillaskamish on 9/22 and 9/24, 2015":


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